Twitter brought its traditional reverse-chronological timeline back to iOS last month, and now the optional feature is available to Android users in a new update. It’s a welcome choice that brings back some stability to the Twitter feed. Twitter switched to an algorithm-based timeline four years ago during a time when social networks like Facebook and Instagram were experimenting with how best to display feeds to users.

Like on iOS, Android users can switch between seeing top tweets and the latest tweets first by tapping the sparkle icon on the top right corner of the app, and switching to the timeline view of their choice.

Android, we got you. Starting today, tap ✨ to switch between latest and top Tweets.

— Twitter (@Twitter) January 15, 2019

The feature was long-awaited by users who preferred to use Twitter for its original function of keeping up with live events in real time, like sports and awards ceremonies. It’s still not going to remove the annoying ‘In case you missed it’ tweets, or the occasional notification that lets you know your friends liked a tweet, despite it being from accounts you don’t follow, but it’s at least a start.